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Wallacetown Golf Club

Buffet Party 2013

Some Club Members and Guests enjoying the evening

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Davy Mitchell, Honorary President



This years Buffet Party at Peter Boyle Bowling Club followed on from the Annual Presentation of Awards to our more successful golfers. Members and Guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet and took part in various activities during the evening including a raffle, quizzes, Bingo, coin tossing, and chipping.

Trophies awarded prior to the Buffet Party

Raffle Prizes donated by Members and Guests

Claire  & Andy Graham with        Steven Jackson The Tarbolton boys ! Tommy Smith, Jimmy Ferguson & Raymond Frew          Davy Mitchell's guests -              Alistair & Gail, Angus & Jeanette
Davy Mitchell with more guests - Marion, Christine & Alyson More of guest Davy Mitchell's guests - Bobby & John Margaret Hutchison, Gladys Sproat, Sandra Higgins, Val Shearer
Kay, Jen Wallace and Sandra Jamieson The Maybole Men ! Bryan Jamieson, David Wallace & Allan Brownlee Jim Sproat, Allan & Margaret Hutchison
William McCartney with friend Caroline and daughter Lorna        William McCartney's guests       Jim & Joyce McCartney William McCartney with friend Caroline and daughter Lorna
David & Miriam Porte Flora & Alex McAughtrie Jamie Clark - chasing up his Dad, Grandad & Uncle  .  . .
Claire & Andy Graham Steven Jackson . . .  here they are  ; Robert Clark, Auld Bert & Young Bert Truesdale
1 coin tossing charity competition
These and other "tossers" raised 90 for charity ! Quiz Winnings from Andy Graham & Steven Jackson, along with left over kitty from Davy Mitchell's party  increase the donation to 111
Jim McCartney, Bryan Jamieson & Miriam Porte
Allan Brownlee's friend Kay, Sandra Jamieson and David Porte
David Porte tried hard - but his wife was the better player

The traditional 1 charity coin tossing at a bottle of Chivas Regal was donated by Retiring Captain Robert Shearer who selected Ayrshire Hospice to benefit from the proceeds.

 There was a strong contest. Miriam Porte put down closest markers which were dislodged, but despite others best efforts she came back to be a worthy winner.

Davy Mitchell is a strong contestant but he could not win this year
The Chipping Competition
Not everyone who took part are shown here - Mrs Porte won the lady's section and Willie McCartney had a lucky bounce which won him the men's section
Auld Bert umpires - Sandra J enjoys something ? Kay has a shot at chippng Jen has a lob shot
Bryan has a good attempt Robert Shearer has no luck Allan Hutchison has a go
Auld Bert thinks he can do better ? Serious stuff for Allan Brownlee - David Wallace makes short work of it
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