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Club Objectives

1      The name of the Club is “Wallacetown Golf  Club”.

 2     The Club is constituted to promote the game  of golf, by organising competitions and social events to develop a friendly interest in the  sport  for all members.

3     The Club will seek/continue to have membership of Scottish Golf Limited (SGL) and Ayrshire Golf Association (AGA).

  4    Amendment to the Constitution can only be  made  at an AGM or Extra-ordinary General           Meeting called for that purpose.  At least 14  days notice will be given of such an Extra          Ordinary General Meeting by posting a notice  on the club notice board. 

5     All Golf Competitions organised by the Club  shall be played under R&A rules.  The       Committee shall have power to make such local rules they consider necessary and also      to extend or alter competitions. 

       The Committee’s decision on all matters shall be final.



6       Membership to the Club will be available to persons proposed and seconded by Club members and ratified by the committee.

        Membership of the Club will commence on payment of subscription to the Treasurer         and upon subsequent receipt by the member  of a Fixtures Card signed by the Treasurer.  Annual Membership will start at the beginning of the Club Playing Season which commences on the last Friday in March.

        If the conduct of any member brings the club into disgrace the Committee have the authority to suspend or expel the offending member.   

7      No reduction of subscription will be made for members leaving the club part way through the Club’s Financial Year. Reduced fees for New Members joining mid season will be at the discretion of the Committee.

8       Each new member will receive a copy of the Club’s Constitution 

9       Club Membership fees will include registration fees for Scottish Golf Limited (SGL) and Ayrshire Golf Association (AGA)..


10     Honorary Members of the Club may be appointed at AGM’s on recommendation of the Committee 

11    The maximum membership of the Club will be 60


 12    The Committee will be formed from Club

         Members as follows :-

        Captain, Vice-Captain, Treasurer and Secretary and 5 elected committee  members.

 13    Nominations for Office Bearers and other Committee Members will be made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and duly elected by the Club Members present. 

14     The Club Captain will serve for one year and be automatically re-elected to the Committee ex officio for 1 year. Other members of Committee shall retire after serving 3 years but shall be eligible for re-election. Unless otherwise decided by the Committee, the Captain will appoint the Vice Captain.  A non-committee member appointed Vice Captain will become ex officio Committee Member.



Annual General Meeting


Extra-ordinary General


 15    The AGM will be held not later than 1st November and at least 14 days notice will be given of the AGM date by posting a notice on the club notice board.       

        Minutes of the AGM will be taken and agenda  will include :          Minutes of previous AGM

         Any Matters Arising

        Financial Report for the previous year

        Membership Status

        General reports for activities of previous year

        Election re-election of  Committee and Office Bearers

        Activities for the forthcoming year 

        Any Other Business

        The date of next AGM

16     Extra-ordinary General Meetings can be called by the Secretary, acting on behalf of  the Committee. At least 14 days notice will be given notifying members by posting a notice, stating the reason for the meeting on the club notice board.



17     The Quorum for the Annual General Meeting or Extra-ordinary General Meeting will be five at least two of which must be Office Bearers.

18     In the event of a Quorum not being reached at an AGM, the Secretary or Interim Secretary appointed by those present, will call an Extra-ordinary General Meeting with-in six weeks.

 19    If a quorum is again not achieved, the Clubs activities will be suspended and Office Bearers from the previous year will determine the Club’s future. Any assets resulting from the Club’s cessation will be donated to a local recognised charity with details of closing accounts submitted to AGA.

Committee Meetings   

20     The committee, or any sub-committee appointed, will manage all business and   affairs of the Club.  Rules and regulations  made by the Committee shall be binding on each member.  The quorum for a Committee meeting will be five at least two of which must be Office Bearers.

21     Except for extenuating circumstances, and other than July and August, the Committee shall hold meetings at least once in every month.


 22    Minutes of Committee Meetings will be taken and agenda will include :

        Minutes of previous Committee Meeting

        Any Matters Arising

        Any Correspondence

        General reports for activities of previous month

        Activities for the forthcoming months

        Any Other Business

        The date of next Committee Meeting  

23     Members may submit recommendations in writing to the Secretary for consideration by     the Committee.

 24    Any member of the Club may attend committee meetings to contribute or raise issues of concern.

 25    If a matter of concern which has been raised  at a committee meeting by a member,  is not addressed to the satisfaction of a club member, he may require the Secretary to call an Extra-ordinary General Meeting by writing a petition, signed by not less than 10 members of the Club, specifying the grounds of the complaint, to the Secretary.

26     The Secretary will be obliged to call an Extra-ordinary General Meeting within six weeks of receipt of the petition and this  may run concurrent with a regular Committee Meeting.


 27    The Committee may fill any Committee  vacancy which occurs by co-opting member(s). Co-opted members will resign at the end of the year.

 28    The Secretary and Treasurer shall keep  correct minutes of all meetings and proper  accounts showing the detailed financial affairs  of the Club.

Financial Accounts

29     The annual accounts of the Club shall be submitted by the Treasurer for audit by two  members from the Committee.

30     The Club Financial Year shall end on 31st August .

31    This revised Constitution was agreed at AGM of 3 October 2015



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