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   Wallacetown Golf Club Captains, Champions and Trophy Winners    
Year Club Captain Club Champion Belleisle Trophy George Keenan Carey  Cooper  Miller  Jubilee  Nuri Cetnarowicz  W.C.S.  Rosebowl Mitchell  C&S  Almont  Whinnerah Kyle Centre Last Chance Match Play Match Play Merit Captain's  Vice  Handicap Winter Medal  Most    
J Ritchie Trophy Campbell  Cup Cup Trophy Shield Trophy Shield Trophy Trophy Cup Trophy Trophy  Cup  Trophy  Trophy Champion Runner up Award Prize Captain's  Champion Competition Play-off Two's
Cup 1955-1980 Prize
1954 J Manson   1954
1956 M Aitken   1956
1957-1960 No Records Held        
1961 P Barkess   1961
1962 P Barkess J McCutcheon J Wilson H Currie   1962
1963 P Barkess H C Ireland T McFarlane G M Wilson   1963
1964 M Aitken P Barkess G Baird G Baird H Howie   1964
1965 M Aitken T McFarlane A McBarrons G Baird J McMahon   1965
1966 J McMahon J Speirs J Freeland R Chambers G Hill   1966
1967 D Mitchell J Graham J McQueen      R Chambers W Graham A Brown V McReadie   1967
1968 A Miller G Murray H C Ireland      G Ballantyne R McTrusty P Dickson W Conlin A R Finniecome   1968
1969 J Carruthers T Baillie or G Baird W Conlin          J Carruthers T Semple W Conlin D Mitchell G Hill G Hill G Baird 1969
1970 J McQueen R Stewart D Hearton          J Thomson J Manson W Houston G Hill D Mitchell D Gray   1970
1971 G Baird J Parker A Clark           J Cameron J Parker J S Cruikshank J McQueen I Murray J Brown   1971
1972 M Rae R Stewart J Carruthers     J McGavin R Stewart R Chambers M Rae W Houston G Baird A Strang   1972
1973 W Graham R Carey G Hill              J McGavin R Stewart R Carey J S Cruikshank M Rae J Robb M Rae J Thomson   1973
1974 A Clark J Pettigrew R Carey          W Hamilton W Frame K Hunter J S Cruikshank K Hunter R Stewart M Rae W Houston W Houston   1974
1975 J Stevenson D Mitchell M Rae             J Thomson J Monaghan W Conlin J Thomson A Clark G Baird J Freeland G Baird A Clark   1975
1976 W Conlin K Hunter R Stewart         J Baird J Carruthers W Houston J Thomson A Clark D K Furey A Clark W Houston J Carruthers   1976
1977 J Manson R Stewart J Brown           D Mitchell W Frame B Truesdale K Hunter J Carruthers A Clark R Stewart J Brown R Stewart   1977
1978 R Stewart J Brown R Muir             A Rooney W Frame B Truesdale J Carruthers W Houston J Thomson W Frame R Stewart W Houston      R Truesdale   1978
1979 W Frame R Muir J Manson R Truesdale W Frame G Dunlop A Clark D Mitchell R McInnes R Stewart   1979
1980 J Baird P McClelland J Thomson       J Morrison A Adams R Stewart A Clark A Clark B Truesdale B Truesdale J Manson W Houston B Truesdale J Thomson A Adams R Stewart D Mitchell A Clark J Hogg J Baird J Hogg   1980
1981 BTrousdale J Carruthers R Stewart         J Manson G Hope P Monaghan W Conlin A Craven J Cameron A Clark G Stark T Swan G Stark B Truesdale   1981
1982 W Houston R Cameron D Mitchell        J Wilson G Stark J Manson R Truesdale A Clark R Stewart R Truesdale G McMorrin A Clark G Hope R Cameron R Stewart J G McMorrin R Cameron G Hope DCunninghame J Manson P Monaghan B Wilson   1982
1983 R Muir K Douglas B Trousdale     B Merrivale P Monaghan P Monaghan D Mitchell J Carruthers T Swan D Mitchell T Swan P Monaghan J Sproat D Mitchell P Caddis T Swan D Mitchell B Wilson W Houston R McInnes D Mitchell R Stewart   1983
1984 G McMorrin R Cameron J Dunlop          G Stark P Caddis J Dunlop A McKay P Monaghan R Truesdale  C Harvey R Truesdale J Carruthers D Malone A Whiteside D Cunninghame J Frieland J Dunlop A Kennedy J Dunlop J Dunlop J Wilson B Gibson   1984
1985 P Monaghan P McClelland P Monaghon    D Malone B Merrivale D Cunninghame D Cunninghame T Swan C Pyper J Thomson C Pyper D Malone T Swan D Cunninghame R McInnes A Whiteside T Swan C Pyper D Malone B Wilson R Stewart   1985
1986 B Wilson P McClelland P Monaghon     J Wilson J Wilson J Sproat J Sproat R Cameron A McKay A Hutchison R Truesdale P Monaghan G Stark C Harvey R Cameron D Malone P McLelland R Cameron G Stark W Conlin B Truesdale R Stewart   1986
1987 T Swan P McClelland R Stewart         J Dunlop B Wilson R Stewart T Clark D Longair D Longair T Swan J Sproat C Harvey W Houston K Douglas S Longair   1987
1988 G Stark T Swan T Clark            S Mair W Houston A Hutchison G Stark R Stewart P Clelland D Longair A T McKay R Stewart W Conlin J Sproat D Cunninghame J Sproat R Stewart R Stewart A T McKay R Stewart A T McKay R Stewart B Truesdale  
1989 D Cunninghame J Carruthers R Stewart J Sproat W Conlin A Craig G Robertson B Wilson R Stewart D Mitchell G Robertson A Hutchison J Sproat   1989
1990 D Mitchell J Carruthers G Robertson     J Sproat C Harvey C Harvey B Wilson R Truesdale    J Sproat W Houston C Harvey D Mitchell J Sproat R Cunninghame R Stewart J Sproat   1990
1991 J Carruthers R Cunninghame B Wilson         J McRoberts R Stewart J Sproat W Houston J Sproat B Wilson A Craig C Harvey B Truesdale J Carruthers R Truesdale J Carruthers W Frame   1991
1992 W Houston J Carruthers G Dunlop         W Frame R Stewart B Truesdale D Mitchell J White G Dunlop B Truesdale B Truesdale J White T Clark C Straw D Mitchell A Hutchison D Mitchell   1992
1993 R Truesdale J Sproat J Meek            S Meek A Hutchison T Clark J Meek S Meek J McRoberts W Houston S Meek A Hutchison J White A Hutchison B Truesdale B Truesdale C Straw A Hutchison S Meek A Hutchison R Jardine R Jardine A Hutchison S Meek   1993
1994 A Hutchison J Carruthers A Hutchison     J Meek  J Sproat C Gemmel J Sproat C Gemmel G Peters J Thomson J Thomson T Clark B Truesdale B Truesdale C Gemmel J McCaig J Sproat J White B Truesdale J Houston K Cooper C Gemmel J Thomson J Thomson   1994
1995 C Straw J McCaig G Peters          W Agnew J Meek W Agnew W Houston J Houston B Truesdale J Meek J Houston A Hutchison D Mitchell W McCartney G Gemmel R Jardine J Meek   1995
1996 J Meek J McCaig A Redmond      J Meek G Peters G Peters B Truesdale A Hutchison J Thomson R Jardine J Thomson T Clark G Peters R Hamilton W McCartney T Jess           W McCartney G Peters T Jess   1996
1997 A Grossart R Jardine J Carruthers     D Mitchell T Clark A Hutchison J Sproat R Truesdale    R Hamilton C Hendren W Agnew A Hutchison J Sproat J Sproat C Straw W McCartney J Carruthers   W Houston G Peters W McCartney   1997
1998 J Carruthers R Hamilton B Truesdale     A Hutchison W Houston R Hamilton B Truesdale J White W McCartney B Truesdale W Houston C Straw B Truesdale T Jess R Hamilton G Peters G Peters        J Thomson J Houston R Hamilton   1998
1999 G Peters J McCaig B Truesdale     E Uriarte G Peters B Trousdale B Truesdale H Uriarte J Thomson G Peters G Peters G Peters R Hamilton T Bulloch T Bulloch J Thomson S Clark          H Uriarte J Houston R Hamilton   1999
2000 W McCartney R Jardine R Jardine         J Traynor B Truesdale R Jardine J Houston R Truesdale    B Truesdale J Houston R Jardine W McCartney T Bulloch E Uriarte P Reilly R Jardine H Uriarte C Milligan       G Peters A Redmond J Meek R Truesdale   2000
2001 D Mitchell J McCaig R Hamilton      E Uriarte J Meek J McCaig W Pettigrew G Peters J McCaig B Truesdale J Slider W McCartney W McCartney T Jess G McWilliam E Uriarte J Slider R Jardine T Jess           W McCartney A Hutchison T Jess W McCartney   2001
2002 J Sproat  W McCartney J Meek           R Truesdale  A Hutchison C Hendren R Truesdale W McCartney R Hamilton C Hendren W McCartney A Hutchison G Peters J Meek T Jess R Hamilton T Jess C Hendren A Hutchison   J Sproat A Hutchison R Rawding T Jess   2002
2003 B Truesdale W McCartney T Jess            R Rawding R Truesdale W Pettigrew R Hamilton T Jess R Hamilton W McCartney W Pettigrew A Hutchison R Trousdale W Frame A Hutchison B Truesdale J Sproat W McCartney A Hutchison   J Sproat R Hamilton G Peters R Hamilton       A Hutchison   2003
2004 J Meek R Hamilton T Jess            R Rawding T Jess A Hutchison G Peters G McWilliam W Pettigrew T Jess G McWilliam A Pettigrew K McGill J Carruthers G Peters R Truesdale G McWilliam W McCartney K McGill        R Rawding R Rawding R Hamilton T Jess   2004
2005 A Hutchison C Milligan K McGill        BTruesdale K McGill D Higgins C Milligan B Truesdale R Truesdale    J Houston G McWilliam A Hutchison J Houston R Hamilton W McCartney R Hamilton R Hamilton R Rawding K McGill        R Rawding R Rawding A Graham R Truesdale     R Truesdale         2005
  Club Captain

Club Champion

Belleisle Trophy George Keenan Cup Carey Cup Cooper Trophy Miller Shield Jubilee Trophy   Nuri Shield Cetnarowicz W.C.S. Trophy  Rosebowl Mitchell Cup C&S Trophy Almont Trophy Whinnerah Cup Kyle Centre  Trophy Last Chance Match Play Match Play Merit Award Captain's   Vice Captain's   Handicap Winter Medal  Most Jim Carruthers Year
    W M Ritchie   Campbell             Trophy               Trophy Champion Runner up   Prize Prize Champion Competition Play-off Two's Memorial  



Donated in 2006

  Trophy/Shield                                                 Donated in 2009  
2006 D Higgins R Hamilton A Graham      D Higgins J Carruthers W Pettigrew S Fallon R Truesdale, Jnr R Truesdale    A Hutchison A Hutchison S Jackson A Hutchison S Fallon S Fallon S Jackson D Porte R Clark R Hamilton      B Truesdale S Jackson C Milligan W McCartney S Jackson J Carruthers J Houston W Houston R Truesdale R Clark J Houston   2006
2007 J Carruthers R Hamilton A Graham      G Dunlop S Jackson B Truesdale J Houston S Jackson J Houston D Duncan S Jackson S Fallon S Fallon S Fallon R Clark J Sproat W Houston D Higgins A Graham        S Jackson R Hamilton W McCartney S Jackson A Graham D Higgins D Porte A Graham J Houston R Hamilton



2008 B Truesdale S Jackson Wm McCartney R Shearer Wm McCartney W Houston T Smith Wm McCartney Wm McCartney G Reid R Shearer S Fallon D Porte W Houston J Carruthers W Houston B Truesdale J Houston D Higgins       Wm McCartney A Graham R Hamilton J Sproat Wm McCartney T Smith R Shearer G Dunlop S Jackson J Carruthers Wm McCartney   2008
2009 J Sproat S Jackson R Clark           R Truesdale R Truesdale R Truesdale R Clark T Frame T Smith J Sproat S Jackson R Hamilton A Hutchison D Higgins A Hutchison A Graham Wm McCartney A Hutchison D Higgins       Wm McCartney D Porte R Hamilton S Jackson R Truesdale W McCartney T Frame R Truesdale R Hamilton R Hamilton Wm McCartney

B Truesdale

Note there are two ' Truesdales ' - B Truesdale (aka Bert, Bert I, Snr ) and his son R Truesdale (aka Robert, Bert II, Jnr)                                                
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