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James Andrew Carruthers



Former Captain and Champion of Wallacetown Golf Club

Jim Carruthers passed away peacefully at the age of 72 in the early hours of Tuesday 18th August 2009

Jim was the dearly loved husband of Mollie and father of  Sandra, and a much loved grandfather, brother and uncle and a great friend of many. He was a strong “family man” dedicated to his wife and family who recall many happy holidays and other times they shared.

He was an easy man to like, a real gentleman, a quiet man, unruffled, calm and always smart and well turned out. He was a very contented person, usually smiling and laughing, always cheery, always optimistic, never complaining and a pleasure to meet.  

Jim was the only son of Jimmy and Sally Carruthers. He and his twin sister were born on 14th December, 1936, they had three older sisters.

He was educated at Newtonhead School, which he left at 15. His father was a very keen horse lover and encouraged Jim to work in York Stables, initially as a stable hand, hoping he might become a jockey. As a youngster he was slim and slight of build which would have suited him for horse racing.

Later Jim was called up for National Service and served with the Royal Scots Fusiliers in Malaysia and Singapore. Continuing his love of horses, one of his duties was groomsman for the regiment. After National Service he was no longer slim and slight and horse racing was no longer an ambition to be fulfilled. But his interest and love of horses remained with him all his life and he was looking after racehorses at Bells Lea Stables until his health ultimately failed.

Jim Carruthers joined Wallacetown Engineering in 1958, where he met Mollie, his wife to be.  They married in 1962 and enjoyed 47 years of great happiness together. He served most of his working days at Wallacetown in various roles, and latterly as a Production Planner. He was respected for his work and gained many good friends

He was a man who enjoyed many activities, but he was a practical man and good around the house and did his share of housework, helping Molly as much as he could.

Jim was a keen gardener and loved flowers in particular. He loved both his garden and his home.

He liked fishing and football and snooker. He was a good bowler and a member of the Northfield Club for about 13 years, winning trophies and making many good friends.

He became a member of Wallacetown Golf Club in 1962 and was one its longest serving members.  He was first mentioned in AGM minutes of 1965 when he was thanked for organizing an event. In 1966 he was elected to committee for the first time.  In 1969 he served as Captain for the first time.

In 1970 Jim Carruthers presented Wallacetown Golf Club with the Nuri Trophy. The naming of this Trophy reflected a love of horses - “Nuri” was Jim’s favourite horse.

A conscientious committee member and an outstanding player in the club, he served as Club Captain no less than five times and has been Club Champion four times.  He has won numerous competitions including at least fifteen trophies. His last success was at the clubs "Dalmilling Day" in April 2009.

As well as having an outstanding golfing record within the club, he has, in his official capacity contributed to the clubs well being throughout the years, and was an active committee member until the recent illness which finally took him from us.  

Jim was a good friend, well liked and respected by all.  He is sadly missed.


  2007 Club Captain Jim Carruthers with some golfing friends



    Jim Carruthers – Roll of Honour – Wallacetown Golf Club.


                     1969          Club Captain                             Belleisle Trophy

                     1970                                                          Donated Nuri Shield

                     1972                                                          Belleisle Trophy

                     1976                                                          Merit Award

                     1976                                                         George Campbell Cup

                     1977                                                          Cetnarowicz Trophy

                     1978                                                          Nuri Shield

                     1981          Club Captain

                     1983                                                          Cooper Trophy

                     1984                                                          Cetnarowicz Trophy

                     1989                             Club Champion

                     1990                             Club Champion

                     1991          Club Captain                             Rosebowl

                     1992                             Club Champion

                     1994                             Club Champion

                     1997                                                          Belleisle Trophy

                     1998           Club Captain

                     2004                                                          Rosebowl

                     2006                                                          Captain’s Prize

                     2007          Club Captain

                     2008                                                          Mitchell Cup

                       2008                                                          Medal Play-off      

                     2009                                                          Dalmilling Day


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